Seems like everyone is talking about Britney these days!

Paris Hilton recently spoke to Us Weekly about presenting Britney with the award for “Best Pop Video” at the MTV VMAs. “She looked beautiful,” Paris said. “I’m so happy for her. She definitely deserves it.”

When asked what Paris told Britney backstage after the show, Paris revealed: “I told Britney ‘I love you, I miss you, so good to see you,'” she said.

In fact, according to, Paris loves Britney so much that she even wants a duet with Britney on Paris’ next album! “My new album’s out soon and it would be hot if I could do a duet with Britney,” Paris said. “It is really poppy and sounds a bit like Kylie Minogue.”

I love Paris and all, but no.

Even the Jonas Brothers want a piece of Brit. Well, not til they can get rid of those “promise” rings…

According to, when asked if the Jo Bros would like to work with Britney, lead singer Joe Jonas replied: “Oh yeah, that would be crazy!”

Guitar player Nick Jonas added: “We met Britney at the MTV Video Music Awards recently and that was great.” The band’s third member Kevin said: “We actually lost against Britney in the category we were nominated in at the awards. To lose against Britney Spears was an honor!”

Damn straight – imagine how much of an honor it will be when she says “HELL NO” to working with you!

Of course Miley had to open her horse mouth again and talk about Britney. OK I’m being too harsh – she was actually nice. But whatever, she’s a horse-face in my own little world.

According to, “The Cyrus family draws inspiration from another celeb-filled family, the Spears,” or so says Miley.

“We’re so excited for them and their family just coming out. So empowered,” Miley said of the Spears family. “We just feel so inspired by their family.”

At Sunday’s MTV VMAs, Miley told Access Hollywood’s Mel B that the Spears’ and Cyrus’ are “close.” Yeah, as close as her legs are from one another. Gross. She’s 16.

“My mom and [Britney] are like great, great friends,” Miley continued. Eh… someone give her some hay and shut her up already. Love you *****.

Singer / songwriter Keri Hilson, who wrote four songs for Britney’s “Blackout” album, also had nice things to say. Hilson revealed to Rolling Stone that she has given Britney a nick-name: “One-Take Jake,” Hilson said. “With Britney, I need to get as much of any song done as I can [before she enters the studio]. She likes to record quickly, partly because she doesn’t like to stand up for too long.”

Damn straight, in fact next time she heads to the studio she better be carried on a golden chair lifted by two Roman warriors, fanned by giant leaves, and fed grapes. She’s the queen, *****.

And we’ve come full circle. The world loves Britney once again!

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