Listen to an otherworldly take on The Weeknd’s “The Hills.”

Evalyn & Louis Vivet Debut "The Hills x Nightcall": BreatheHeavy Premiere

I’ma let you know and keep it simple.

DJ / producer duo Louis Vivet (Aria and Nicolas II) collaborated with up-and-coming pop crooner Evalyn for a dreamy take on The Weeknd’s “The Hills,” which tops the charts for a fifth time this week on the Billboard Hot 100. Evalyn provides the sombre vocal rendition that combines Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” track which sees production by Louis Vivet.

This record embodies the growth in Louis Vivet’s repertoire as producers. The duo’s seamless blend of “The Hills” and “Nightcall” sets the center stage for Evalyn to unveil her versatile sound as a lead vocalist. Sultry, soulful, and altogether mesmerizing, the songstress’ debut release soars with unbridled spirit. Evalyn, who hails from Colorado and has a background as a poet, describes her unique sound as “wine-stained soul-pop.”

Putting everything on full display, Evalyn flows seamlessly between lyrics from “The Hills” and “Nightcall” with ease. This fearless take on The Weeknd’s global hit and Kavinsky’s renowned Los Angeles love letter combine to showcase a multi-faceted vision and creative drive behind the collaborative yet singular team.

Evalyn, who’s recently collaborated with the creators of Justin Bieber’s forthcoming Purpose record, tells

“Creating this project with Louis Vivet and Eastern Blocc productions was the coolest. The whole goal of the video was to capture the sultry, laid back vibe that we were going for while recording the track. We got to shoot in Malibu by the ocean and did everything impromptu. There have been a lot of people who have worked so hard to make this happen, and seeing it come to life has been dreamy.”

Watch the newly premiered visual below:

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