ET confirms Britney’s appearance at the VMAs

August 27, 2004 By Jordan Miller

Hey Kevin,
Grant here telling you that according to Entertainment Tonight, Britney is expected to come to Miami for the 2004 MTV VMAs. I dont know if you watched that segment, but it had pictures of the whole seating arrangement and they said that she is to bring and unnamed guest (Kevin). No word on if she is performing though. It would be awesome if she performed that “My Prerogative” single as Cleopatra (HOT HOT HOT). Her just attending and winning a couple will boost her album sales for ITZ and prep for Greatest Hits. It is also said that UK VMA presenters predict that Toxic will win Best Pop Video. She has a shot at that and Female, maybe even Video Of The Year. I love Britney 🙂 (even tho she has a trashy bf) Anyways, it’s all around the boards so check it out and stay in contact. Im glad to know that Britney’s fans are still very loyal to her and it makes me glad that her fansites like yours are so dedicated. Thanks a lot, peace!

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*WooHoo! I hope this is true!! 🙂