Epic doesn’t know her.

Epic doesn’t know her.

Mariah Carey’s career is traumatically sinking right before our very eyes. Nothing can take away her 18 No. 1s, but as the years slip away, the legendary singer has fought an uphill battle to stay influential. Carey’s current management is parading her personal life around in reality television and not communicating with Epic Records about the music. Her most-recent single, “I Don’t,” featuring YG, was reportedly a complete surprise to the label. Showbiz411 reports Epic had no say in the creation process and was blind sighted by the entire project.

“They were sent the track all completed, with no forewarning from Carey’s camp that it was coming,” reports 411. “They hadn’t heard it. ‘We were just told to put it out,’ says a source. So they did. And it flopped.”

They add Epic head honcho L.A. Reid is considering dropping Mariah from the label.

“In the time since she signed with him, Carey has had two singles– ‘I Don’t’ and ‘Infinity.’ They were not sellers, and didn’t get played on radio. There is no work being done toward an album, and no conversations are taking place between Epic and Carey’s team.”

Earlier this year, Carey’s ex-husband, Tommy Mottola, urged his former flame to surround herself with better management following the disastrous New Year’s Eve performance. “MC is arguably the greatest pop voice to come along in the last three decades,” he told Page Six. “She has had more number one hits than any pop artist in history!!!”

He added: “My only advice is that she should hire more seasoned and respected professionals to surround her and help her with her career! I would never have encouraged her or guided her to do something like a reality television show!!!!! I don’t get it!!” Mottola wrote, adding, “That does absolutely nothing for her integrity, her credibility, or her massive talent!! She should take a step back, think carefully and figure out what to do next. That is what she does best.. most certainly none of these issues or problems ever existed with her in her early days at Sony for the first 10 years when she skyrocketed to global superstardom!! Where absolutely meticulous and methodical attention was paid to every single detail and nuance that went on into her career!”

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