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Details as to why E! removed their “Britney Breaking Free” article have come to light, and it’s very interesting to say the least.

In the messages, left for an attorney not hired or approved of by her father, Jamie Spears, Britney claimed she was confined, restrained and stripped of her civil rights, saying: “Hi, this is Britney Spears. It’s January 18th. I just want out of this conservatorship….I’m confined, restrained, stripped of my civil rights and I demand the State of California to review this case because I feel it is meaningful. Bye.”

According to, who first broke the story regarding Britney’s voicemail messages, the Entertainment Network had to remove the story for legal purposes.


“I’ll refer to as ‘The Britney Tapes.’ Yes, we are in negotiations for three audio files AND THEIR CONTENTS.

As a business, we are required to serve our sources best interest which also happens to serve one of our current campaigns, which is Free Britney. During the course of business, we’ve been playing the recordings for selected outlets with confidence in our legal rights to the recordings. Having said that, the entire transcripts were put out illegally.

In response, we exercised our duty as rights holder, and not to mention, pursuing the sources best interest, we’ve been forced to take action… Now, what I can say is that the transcript that was released has a couple very important transcribing errors. I’m not sure who transcribed it but they made a couple crucial mistakes…

Also, we are working on a fourth audio clip, which I now feel compelled to NOT share anything about other than the fact that there is a fourth audio clip. With what’s happened despite being as cautious and deliberate as we have been, I’m sure you understand why.

It doubly pains me to ask your further patience after what’s transpired. But rest assured, The Britney Tapes will be released. Only, despite what has been reported, that may not be Monday.”

And in case you’re hungover like me this Saturday and are too lazy to read this shiz, bottom line is the tapes will be released, and the E! article was removed for copyright issues.

Judgment Day is approaching.

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