Woke Queen.

Hey! It’s a theme park in Middle America.

Katy Perry has released the visual for her new single, the subtly ‘woke’ “Chained To The Rhythm,” and her candy coated appeal is being used in a different way this time round.

Perry visits the Oblivia theme park and makes her way through the rides Love Me: Validation Station, The Great American Dream Drop, Bombs Away! and No Place Like Home.

While queuing up for the zombie-favorite Hamster Wheel, she attends a 3D screening (with the OG red and blue paper glasses) of A Nuclear Family, where Skip Marley pops out of the TV and Perry seems to wake up a bit.

The message of “Chained To The Rhythm” certainly translates better visually, as the clip is jam-packed with commentary on the current state of America and is much less subtle than the coded lyrics.

Admittedly it doesn’t quite pack the punch that Katy might’ve intended but this single is definitely a risk for a major pop girl to take, especially with a lead single, so for that you cannot knock her.

Bored? Enter Oblivia below!

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