The press and fans have had quite the field day slamming Britney Spears for her on (and off) camera mistakes and blunder with her baby Sean Preston. Throw hubby Kevin Federline and his antics into the mix and at times it seems like a full fledged feeding frenzy on Britney.

We love a flamboyantly disintegrating celebrity as much as the next person. More, even–it’s our gig! But maybe it’s time for the car-seat lynch mob to take a chill pill on the Britney Spears front. This week, all the tabs and celeb-TV droolers are making a BFD about Spears slipping while carrying her child. Any parent who hasn’t nearly dropped a rugrat, feel free to start ******* rocks at Brit right now. Or you could just take a look at photos of a tearful Britney in Star, Us and the National Enquirer to see that it looks like she suffered plenty after the incident.

And needless to say, “Papa Zero” K-Fed was nowhere to be seen when his wife could have used some protection from the photog mob he once erroneously called “the Pavarottis.” Britney obviously has troubles at home, so please join us in cutting her some slack. Brad Pitt was even nailed by the NY Daily News as they asked “Has Brad Pitt been reading the Britney Spears Child-Care Manual?” after his bike riding incident where he had his 16-month old baby strapped to his back with no helmet. Britney has now reportedly booted Kevin out, or at least to the basement. She would likely really catch a break from critics if she dumps K-Fed for good.

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