The End Is Near: Fifth Harmony Cancelled Their Australian Tour For The Second Time

February 14, 2018 By Jordan Miller

It appears Fifth Harmony is unraveling right before our very eyes.

It appears Fifth Harmony is unraveling right before our very eyes.

For the second time now, the group cancelled the Australian leg of their tour.

Touring promotional company TEG Live claimed it was due to “scheduling requirements,” which obviously makes no sense considering their “scheduling requirements” was a tour with shows on the books and tickets sold.

This was the inevitable. Fifth Harmony is having a tough time keeping it together after news leaked that Lauren Jauregui was switching labels and readying a solo album.

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What could they possibly have scheduled that takes precedence over touring? SO important they had to cancel an entire leg of their tour?



I’m frustrated. I’d rather they come clean and say, ‘WE ARE SO F—ING OVER THIS AND WANT TO TEST THE SOLO WATERS FOR A MINUTE IS THAT COOL OR NAH?’ I am honestly convinced fans would appreciate that than some robotic PR 101 answer. Needless to say, Harmonizers down under are none too pleased, and Twitter exploded on them.

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