It’s a ****** up world.

Another star using their talents to speak out.

Jussie Smollett joins the ever-growing list of musical talents to release music commenting on Donald Trump’s presidency with his brand new song “F.U.W.”

“F.U.W” – for ****** Up World, FYI – is the singer’s first release outside of Empire, making the statement even bolder as its his debut single.

The song centres around love and resistance of the President’s hateful policies and beliefs, singing: “Build a wall / You won’t keep us from loving each other.”

“This song is for the oppressed,” he says. “Thats why I feel like people will connect with it because it is very broad, because oppression is so broad,” he says.

“We had written so many other great songs for my album, but this just felt like ‘I can’t wait for the album, I can’t wait for the album, I can’t wait for the single. You couldn’t follow normal rules with this.”

The video puts a spotlight on targeted minorities – including POC, LGBT+, people with disabilities and Muslims – and social issues such as abortion and the Flint water crisis.

While addressing the tyrant’s hatred, the song and video are both sources of hope, inspiration and love in a time when it’s needed most.

Watch “F.U.W” below.

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