Emmalyn Is Onto The Next In “Bigger Than You”: BreatheHeavy Exclusive

Taking aim at a toxic ex.

Moving on.

Former GRL member Emmalyn Estrada is still licking her wounds from a toxic relationship she was previously involved in. Last fall, the budding pop star released a slinky song titled “Hungover” that was inspired by a former flame. At the time, she told us the song was “about getting over that person or situation that doesn’t serve any real purpose in your life.”

Ditto for her new tune “Bigger Than You.” Emmalyn tells BreatheHeavy her latest takes aim at her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her. “He came back around wanting to get back together and I was happy to tell him I had moved on with some bigger and better,” she said.

Emmalyn didn’t clarify what exactly she meant by “bigger,” but maybe this offers some insight: “Sometimes it’s okay to objectify men,” she divulged. “Women are objectified all the time, maybe men would learn a little something if it happened to them too.”

“You want me to pick up, I put you down,” she croons over a shimmering beat and pulsating beeps crafted by Australian producer Dann Hume. “You get what you give when you f–k around.”

Listen to “Bigger Than You” below:

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