We live in a world where Beyonce was second choice.

We live in a world where Beyonce was a second choice.

Eminem’s Revival ballad, “Walk On Water,” features the Lemonade singer, but it was originally meant for Adele. ThisIs50, D12 member Porter A.K.A. Kon Artis, revealed that Adele was originally meant to be on the track.

Why did Adele’s feature get axed? Porter said “something happened with her and her voice so she couldn’t do it”. You may recall Adele was forced to cancel her last remaining 25 Tour show dates because of complications with her vocal cords.

That’s when Beyonce’s team got the call. “There’s only a couple people that could pull that off,” Porter added, and Eminem is one of them.

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  1. What a shame that I have to continue to hear Beyonce’s annoying voice on every damn song right now. I may be the only one that doesn’t enjoy her singing. It hurts my head and have to flip the channel each time.

    1. I can’t stand Bey’s voice either tbh. She tries too hard. I’m starting to think the general public is starting to feel the same, since her last few tracks and features are not doing as well as they normally would for a Bey track.

      1. I hate to say that you are wrong, as Perfect feat. Beyonce is number one, and that spanish song she ruined is in the top 20. People worship her and will eat up anything she does. That throaty vocal thing she does for Perfect ruined the song completely.

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