Eminem Targets Caitlyn Jenner And Many More In New Freestyle Rap

July 23, 2015 By Jordan Miller

And targets a ton more celebrities.

Eminem Targets Caitlyn Jenner And Many More In New Freestyle Rap

No one was safe in Eminem’s rhyming rant.

If you’re even semi-famous, you probably got a mention in Eminem’s new freestyle rap he performed on Sway In The Morning today (July 24).

In the freestyle, the famed rapper aggressively targets Caitlyn Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, Serena Williams, Scarlett Johansson, Brandy, Janet Jackson, Bill Cosby, Tiffani Amber Theissen, Azealia Banks, Selena Gomez and more.

“This a true statement, I see the ***** in you, Caitlyn,” he rapped in the lengthy a cappella free. “I keep the pistol tucked like Bruce Jenner’s d–k / No disrespect though, not at all / No pun intended, that took a lot of balls.”

After the six-minute spit, Sway asked Em, “What the ****, you angry bro?”

“It’s all in fun,” Eminem said after his freestyle. “I just say **** to say it. I don’t even know if there’s anything… It’s one of them things that’s not… It’s very rarely, very rarely personal. Put it this way, if it was ever personal, someone would know it. It’s all in fun.”

Em wanted a reaction? He’s gonna get it. However, we would like to point out he consistently shocks audiences with his lyrical assaults. Always has. And despite the subject matter of most of his latest freestyle, there’s no denying the man is insanely talented. Bravo!