Eminem lands in hot water for rapping that he’d physically abuse Rihanna.

One of rap’s most successful players is notorious for hating women, and his archaic and repulsive stance strengthens.

An alleged lyric of Em rapping about how he’d beat Rihanna has surfaced. He’s of course referring to the infamous domestic violence event between Rihanna and Chris Brown.

Unfortunately due to copyright, we can’t share the audio, but we gave it a listen and it does indeed sound like Eminem. It’s supposedly a scrapped lyric from his collaboration with B.O.B. on “Things Get Worse.”

“Of course I side with Chris Brown” he raps. “I’d beat a b**ch down too if she gave my **** an itch now.”

Eminem landed some of his most successful charting songs ever with Rihanna, namely “Love The Way You Lie” and again with “The Monster.”

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