From Jake Gyllenhaal’s upcoming “Southpaw” movie.

Eminem Releases New Song "Phenomenal"

Eminem releases “Phenomenal” off the Southpaw soundtrack.

Though Em has no plans to followup 2013’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 right now, he did release a new song to promote Jake Gyllenhaal’s upcoming boxing film. Much like the movie’s theme about rising from the ashes amidst tragedy, his latest rare musical endeavor reflects that. Mathers aggressively spits triumphant lyrics like “I am phenomenal / With every ounce of my blood / With every breath in my lungs / Won’t stop until I’m phe-no-menal.” It’s certainly no “Lose Yourself,” a song also about overcoming interpersonal barriers, but we’ll take what we can get.

Enjoy it while you can, because according to D-12’s Kon Artis, it’ll be a minute before Em’s next record.

“I don’t think so,” he said when asked if Eminem’s recording a new album. “I don’t think – Em doesn’t work like that. He’s gotta feel that there’s things to talk about and things to say. I mean, he’s working on some other things that I know of: He’s working on a Slaughterhouse project that’s gotta come out; Yelawolf’s album’s out, and it’s super duper dope – I’m proud of him.”

However, he didn’t rule it out entirely.

“I don’t know,” he continued. “You can’t tell with him. I’ll be in the studio with him next week, but we working on something else that doesn’t have anything to do with an album. His album. So, I doubt it, but I don’t know.”

Listen to “Phenomenal” here:

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