Eminem and Pink are vulnerable on their massive new song “Need Me.”

Eminem and Pink are vulnerable on new song “Need Me.”

This is a Revival highlight. Em’s Pink-assisted new tune, “Need Me,” could very well have landed on the pop star’s recently-released record, Beautiful Trauma. He really lets Pink shine for much of the track before he ever makes an appearance. The singer takes on a massive chorus before inviting Em to harmonize with her.

Some nights I want to run for the hills / It’s never easy with you,” they sing over Alex da Kid’s pounding drums. “I cannot reason with you / But your smile is as rare as it comes./ What would I do without that? / Maybe that’s why I come back / Oh, what I wouldn’t do for you!”

Em singing with his counterpart is a pretty rare occurrence, and it’s brief. He eventually swings in with a fiery verse. “Startin’ to think we were made for each other / But one of us in this relationship is raisin’ the other / You remind me of my mother / We drive one another crazy as each other.”

The two teamed up together on Beautiful Trauma track, “Revenge,” but it just didn’t connect the way I had hoped. Pink seems to agree. She shot a video for the song and decided to scrap it. “Need Me” is better suited and a huge step forward. Let’s hope this gets an official single treatment.

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