Check out Em’s latest visual for the Southpaw movie soundtrack.

Eminem Can't Run From His Destiny In "Phenomenal" Music Video

Eminem’s short film for “Phenomenal” is a thrilling chase on the path of self discovery.

Apple Music’s exclusive “Phenomenal” music video release shows Eminem waking up in a hospital room only to discover he has super human strength. Good, he’ll need it throughout the seven-minute vid as he escapes one sticky situation after another on the streets of Tokyo where he’s running from an organized crime gang out for blood. His.

During Em’s exploration, the Detroit rapper receives caution from actor John Malkovich, who precariously slurps down noodles before signaling his boys to continue the attack after Em becomes impatient. In an attempt to run, the Southpaw soundtrack executive producer steals a car from a stranger played by Randall Park (The Interview) who attempts to take a selfie in the midst of the madness. Not long after, he hijacks a helicopter before receiving a text from Dre who’s timing couldn’t be better. Whether he knew it or not, Eminem found his way.

Watch the “Phenomenal” music video here:

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