She responds saying, “Love it when people think I lip sync, what a rad compliment.”

Ellie Goulding Under Fire For Lip Syncing At AFL Grand Final

Ellie Goulding defends herself amidst allegations she lip syncs.

Goulding is center stage in a lip sync fiasco that left thousands of fans at the AFL Grand Final on Saturday in Melbourne, Australia booing her after realizing her vocals from “Love Me Like You Do” and “Burn” were blaring through the stadium, but the microphone was nowhere near Goulding’s mouth. Instead, was seen walking aimlessly around the stage and glaring at her sound technician.

Fans took to social media to express their distaste towards the incident.

This wave of mentions left Goulding on the defense. She took to Twitter to clarify: “Love it when people think I lip sync, what a rad compliment 🙂 Now where does one find a good veggie restaurant in Melbs? Considering I had no voice yesterday and a sleepless night because of the meds I would say it’s been a good day 🙂 thanks for the love x. I give 100% in my performances even when people don’t give much back. My fans know that. That’s because I love what I do so much. 🙂 Truth be told I’ve been unwell the past week and I could do with a long spell chill but I was determined to give everything for Oz today. Incidentally the sound guy who pressed playback twice and triggered both band tracks simultaneously is nowhere to be seen… ?”

The producer of the Grand Final entertainment admitted Goulding’s performance was disrupted right at the start by a “technical issue”.

Michael Gudinski confirms Goulding did not lip-sync her set, saying “Ellie performed live vocals to a backing track. This is a very common practice for performances in situations such as the Grand Final. Unfortunately a technical issue at the start of Ellie’s performance caused a brief hiccup but Ellie went on to prove just how much of a superstar she is, belting out two of her massive hits.”

Adding, “claims that Ellie lip synced her performance are absolutely untrue.”

Watch it here:

In 2011, Meatloaf performed a hilariously awkward performance at the AFL Grand Final, so DJs Kyle and Jackie O from 106.5 KIIS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show in Australia got Goulding on the phone and played a bit of it to cheer her up.

Walk up in the stadium like!

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Do you think Goulding was lip syncing or not?