It’s the lead song for the ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ soundtrack.


UPDATE // AUGUST 25: Taking a cue from Rihanna’s “This Is What You Came For” music video, Ellie Goulding sings the Bridget Jones’s Baby soundtrack song “Still Falling For You” in a darkened room lit up by geometric light bars as clips of the movie play behind her.


EARLIER // AUGUST 19: Well that was a bust. “Still Falling For You” is not a Delirium re-release track, rather the main soundtrack song for Bridget Jones’s Baby. Because Goulding needs another massive hit from a movie.

Listen here:


Is Ellie Goulding readying a Delirium re-release A.K.A. Delirium Nights?

Goulding told fans earlier this year she’s looking forward to a mini-hiatus from the intense music grind, but that hasn’t stopped her from readying new material.

The British pop star shared a cryptic video for what we think is a song titled “Still Falling For You,” offering no explanation as to what it is. All that plays in the clip is the song’s instrumental.

Fans have a sneaking suspicion she’s readying a Delirium re-release which they dubbed Delirium Nights – it’s said to feature darker songs than what Ellie featured on the original.


“I’m not writing new stuff. I’m not sure when I’ll release a new album,” Goulding said earlier this year. “It might not even be next year. I need time off for my own head. My plan is to have a month off in August and do more of my charity stuff and then next year I need to live a bit. Who knows? My situation has changed.”

That it has.

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