Ahh, the good ol’ days.

Ahh, the good ol’ days.

Remember when life was seemingly simple, responsibilities were few and the experience of falling in love was an unexplored frontier? Ellie Goulding celebrates those moments in her new song with Kygo titled “First Time” off his forthcoming sophomore album.

“We were lovers for the first time / Running all the red lights / The middle finger was a peace sign,” she sings over Kygo’s building production (lyrics via DirectLyrics). “We were sipping on emotions / smoking and inhaling every moment / it was reckless and we owned it.” As the memories become more vibrant, so does the production. The Norwegian DJ throws in a vibrant drop before Ellie dives back into nostalgia. “We were young and now I’m older / But I’d do it all again.”


Earlier this month, Ellie touched on her forthcoming LP. “Right now I am writing my fourth album, which is quite insane to think that I’m on my fourth album at this point – but it’s coming together, slowly. I’m just really taking time by myself to figure out what I’m writing about, figure out what I care about the most.” she added. “It’s coming together slowly but I’m writing a lot in London in a studio so watch this space.”

She also has a song with BloodPop in the works. Read more about that here.

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