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Ellie Goulding Says Her Album Is Coming “Soon”

Goulding says making her album was “terrifying” but worth it.

Ellie Goulding Says Her Album Is Coming "Soon"

Ellie Goulding admits recording her new record was “terrifying” and “hard,” but worth it.

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Nothing worth something comes easy, and Goulding knows this all too well. She says making her forthcoming studio album out some time soon was difficult, but admits the hard work paid off. She posted a snap on Instagram on Wednesday (July 29) saying:

“I love this photo so much! Making my album has been hard and it has been terrifying for so many reasons. But also a tremendous journey. It is made up of not just some of the most talented people I know but the best people. I am so grateful to have them around me inspiring me and making me laugh like hell at the same time. Soon I will be able to share it with you x”

Reports ran rampant on Tuesday after the singer posted a photo of her leaving the Abbey Road Studios with the caption “That’s a wrap!”, leaving many to believe she was there to record the next James Bond movie soundtrack. Some even alleged the track title name was “Spy.”

Judging from the snap above, Goulding was there to wrap up recording her followup to 2012’s Halcyon, or even better, tackle both.