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Ellie Goulding Releases Free Christmas Track

Check out Goulding’s rendition of “O Holy Night”.


Ellie Goulding has released a version of “O Holy Night” to thank fans for their support during 2015.

Ever the philanthropist, Ellie Goulding has decided to give back to her fans as thanks for landing her another top 5 album and no. 1 single this year. Taking to Instagram, the “On My Mind” songstress teased the Christmas classic, saying:

I recorded this for fun and as a *christmassy* thank you for all the beautiful support I've had this year

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Those who are a fan of the clip can download the track in its entirety from Ellie’s official website.

The song is a Christmas classic, but Goulding puts her own spin on it with her characteristically breathy vocals. Since it’s being released for free, it’s ineligible to chart and principally serves as a cute way to say thanks to her fans for a great kick-off to her third album campaign.

Will you be caroling with Goulding this year?

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