Watch Goulding get her revenge in the “On My Mind” visual.

Ellie Goulding Premieres "On My Mind" Music Video

Ellie Goulding has freedom on her mind.

In the new music video for “On My Mind” from her forthcoming record Delirium, Goulding finds herself amidst a confusing and sad relationship with a gambling man in Las Vegas. She turns the tables though, riding a horse into the El Cortez hotel in downtown Vegas to seek her revenge (and liberation).

“I was just in the mood to write something fun and to experiment a little bit,” she tells of the song. “My fans know me as always being quite honest and also being quite heartfelt. We just had fun with it. I love the vibe of the song. It’s quite badass,” she said.

“I think that that dichotomy between heart and head, it’s just one of those things that is so common, and I think it’s a vulnerability that we all have,” she says of the lyrics. “Perhaps we’re with someone we shouldn’t be with, or we want to be with someone we shouldn’t be with. Relationships are never black and white , and this song is a good example of that.”

“It’s a weird place,” she says of Las Vegas. “We went to this old casino and filmed stuff in there. I worked with the director, Emil [Nava], I worked with him before with Calvin Harris [he directed the “I Need Your Love” video]. He’s a friend of mine and we wanted to do something really mad. We wanted to ride some horses, and there’s a gangster who is a not very good guy. It’s kind of got a Thelma and Louise thing about it. ”

Watch the clip below.