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Elle King Covers The ‘Golden Girls’ Theme Song


You guys are witnessing my transformation from fan to stan following Elle King’s last 48 hours.

Not only did the singer admit she was “high af” during the Grammys, she flawlessly covered the Golden Girls theme song “Thank You For Being A Friend” and dressed up as an old lady to promote it.

“Honestly, a lot of things have been checked off my bucket list. But being a golden girl for a day felt like how it would feel if Ryan Gosling let me kiss him on the mouth,” she captioned a video on her Instagram.

The collaboration is in cahoots with Hulu, who made all seven seasons of the series available to stream.

“Such a big part of my childhood is me watching Golden Girls with my grandmother. And so it’s such an amazing memory for me and I always think of the show so fondly,” she said in an interview. “I love that these women all seem to wake up in the middle of the night and eat cake or pie and none of them ever gain weight. That’s all I aspire to do is, like eat cake with my friends in the middle of the night and chitchat.”

Watch all of the goodness below:

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