Brandyn Burnette seizes the moment in Elephante’s new song “Plans.”


Brandyn Burnette seizes the moment in Elephante’s new song “Plans.”

Burnette is one-half of L.A. based pop duo Cosmos & Creature, but the rising singer is a force to be reckoned with outside the group. He recently dropped an EP titled State I’m In, which featured the electro-pulsating mid-tempo song “Karma,” and teamed up with Elephante on a song off his recently released debut EP I Am The Elephante which is available to stream via SoundCloud.

Two hungry up and comers crafting original music together? Those are some solid plans.

“Plans was inspired in the middle of the night while I was in the shower. I was meditating & feeling really emotional,” Burnette tells BreatheHeavy of the song’s creation. “I remember hearing the entire hook in my head. [I] jumped out of the shower & recorded the idea. The next day I finished writing it.”

He adds: “it’s about how love is unplanned and the best things in life come from taking the best from each moment.”

The two connected through Twitter after they’d mutually expressed interest in collaborating with one another, met in person, and after talking about life and playing their favorite songs for one another, created “Plans” in “about an hour.”

“Brandyn has such a soulful voice, I wanted to keep it really organic and not overdo it with the production,” Elephante tells BH. “When we were writing the song, I kept hearing like a church organ kind of thing, so that was sort of the foundation. After we got the structure of the song down, it took me awhile to settle on the guitar sounds for the lead, but once that came together the song really just fell into place.

He added: “It was awesome – Brandyn came in with the lyrics pretty much done, but we just jammed out and tried to find the soul of the song.”

The electro-tinged song incorporates a jungle beat with live instrumentation, but nothing sounds as raw as Burnette’s smooth vocals caressing each note.

“I want people to feel empowered to take risks and grab moments while we still have them,” Burnette continued of “Plans.” “Some of my favorite memories happened when I got outside of my comfort zone.”

Listen to “Plans” above and Elephante’s new EP below:

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