Charli XCX is giving the gays everything they want.


Charli XCX is giving the gays everything they want.


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The pop star unleashed two new tracks on us today (June 28).

The first is titled “Focus,” a synth-tastic gem cooked up with PC Music founder, A.G. Cook (also Charli’s creative director), as well as Swedish production duo, Jack & Coke. On it, Charli sings in auto-tune over a pulsating, twinkly beat about an electric attraction.

“I just want you to focus / Pull me in, pull me closer,” she sings. “Give me that diagnosis / Blow my mind like explosions / Just one touch leaves me helpless / On repeat like it’s endless.”


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The other sugary bop is “No Angel,” a real fan-favorite. Charli live-premiered the track last year, but the studio version is extra spectacular.

Produced by The Invisible Men (“5 In The Morning”) and Salt Wives, Miss XCX sings about life in the fast lane.

“Always been a little bit fast and wild / My mama always said I was a problem child / I’m just livin’ life until the day I die / It’s all I know / That’s how I roll.”

Listen below (songs are available beginning at midnight EST):


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