"Elastic Heart" Song Written For Britney?

Any time a producer even remotely mentions a song they’re currently working on, The Britney Army assumes it’s about the Queen. I guess because all others are completely irrelevant and Brit’s album is the one the entire world is waiting for. Delusional? Yes. True? In part. And these next Tweet exchanges between producers we know are working on her album are no different.

Diplo, who Jean Baptiste alluded to back in April is one of the leading producers on Album 8, kicked it off:

Sia, who Britney herself Tweeted about working together, responded to Diplo.

Producer Benny Blanco (“Circus,” “Drop Dead Beautiful,” “Gasoline) got in on the action:

Sounds like a power ballad! Christina Aguilera had a song called “Elastic Love” off the “Bionic” album, but we’ll overlook the similarity to her because that was the best song off that album.

Let’s hope this is a Britney track, because remember… homegirl is running it!