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Each week, we’re inundated with dozens of new tunes; legitimately talented artists get a little lost in the wave of new music washing ashore each week. Someone BreatheHeavy wants to shine a light on is rising singer, Eddie the Kidd.

The 24-year-old, Dallas-based artist just released his new tune, “Beauty Queen,” a gloriously vibrant, electro-tinged bop that’s carefully crafted to inspire the listener to get out of their minds for a moment and embrace the better parts of life. The infectious chorus was designed to embed itself in your brain and stay there until further notice.

Play “Beauty Queen” and read our Q&A together below (won’t ask you once, won’t ask you twice).

“Beauty Queen” is an electro-pop gem! What do you want people to take away from it?
‘Beauty Queen’ is a fun pop song meant to be blasted on road trips, bedroom dance parties of one, and/or Alexas all across the country. It’s not meant to be this super serious love song- I wanted to release something fun and light and I hope listeners everywhere are able to vibe out and have a good time.  

What was the creation process like? What inspired you to make it?
LOVE! As sappy as that sounds! haha I tend to write moodier tunes so it was important for me to challenge myself as an artist and write something more out-of-the-box.  I was feeling inspired by my current love life/ relationship to write this happy ‘feel good’ pop song. It started off as a few chords on the piano which eventually became into the song that it is now. I sat on the piano and just started playing and humming melodies, the rest was history. I voice memo’d those ideas and sent them over to my producer. 

What’s some of the background surrounding the production? 
Sonically, I wanted something 80’s inspired. The producer I worked with did a great job on this track, shout out to Kevin Franklin (luv u dad)!  I showed him the idea and played him this voice memo of me on the piano and he instantly understood the vision and the mood. I wanted synths and big drums and think we captured all of it perfectly. 

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What’s next after “Beauty Queen?”
I have a couple of other singles coming out in the summer and wrapping up my debut album now. It’s the first time I release original music and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do. I would love to do shows in the future and really branch out into new territories so we’ll see. 

Favorite lyric from the track? Why is that?
There’s something really fun about the line, “Bring me back the feeling, make me cross the line”. I can be introverted and shy at times and this line captures the feeling of spontaneity and longing to act a little out of character at times. Especially in the beginning of a new relationship- you feel limitless. 

What’s the experience been like for an emerging artist like yourself to try and get more people to hear your music?
Everyone is so used to hearing a certain genre or listening exclusively to certain artists that new music can get lost or overlooked which makes it hard at times, BUT I’ll continue to live out my pop star fantasy and hope others join in on the fun.

What do you consider being successful in music means?
Take what you do seriously but never take yourself too seriously.  When you love what you do and have fun others will join the party- there’s something infectious about someone who know’s what they’re about. Be cool with being uncool, enjoy yourself, and celebrate every victory and defeat. 

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