Do the math.

“Shape Of You” ÷ “Castle On The Hill” = new music from Ed Sheeran.

Sheeran simultaneously dropped two songs from his forthcoming album titled “÷” (Divide): “Shape Of You” and “Castle On The Hill.”

The singer-songwriter announced in 2015 he was “taking a break from my phone, emails and all social media for a while” to focus on recording a followup to 2014’s X, but made an unannounced return on New Year’s Day when he revealed single plans. The 25-year-old teased fans with sneak peeks and cryptic Tweets all week, but the wait is over.

“Shape Of You”

“The club isn’t the best place to find a lover.” Just ask Ed Sheeran, who solicits said advice as the opener to one of his plunky new songs from the Grammy Award winning singer’s new LP.

On “Shape Of You,” which he co-wrote with Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac, an airy guitar melody slinks over a tropical-tinged beat as Sheeran’s breathy vocals and catchy hooks breeze by. It sounds reminiscent of Sia’s recently-released hit “The Greatest” (huge compliment) and a bit of Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” (they don’t own that sound, and I’m not mad at it).

“I’m in love with your body,” he sings. “I’m in love with the shape of you.”


“Castle On The Hill”:

Ed jumps into a pool of nostalgia in “Castle On The Hill,” a tune he could’ve easily plopped onto “X.”

“When I was six years old, I broke my leg. I was running from my brother and his friends,” Ed sings in the imaginative track. The feel-good tune, written by Sheeran and longtime collaborator Benny Blanco, boasts a thumping beat and electric guitar. “I’m on my way.”


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