How do you top a Beyonce feature? One with Andrea Bocelli, apparently.

How do you top a Beyonce feature? One with Andrea Bocelli, apparently.

Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” remix with Queen Bey is on track to hit. No. 1 on the Hot 100. We’ll know for sure on Monday, but all signs point to that being a done deal.

Sheeran’s not done there. He sent the Internet into a speculation frenzy (exaggeration) last week when he teased a third version of the song, but the “Shape Of You” singer has since confirmed who will join him on the new re-working.

“I’ve got an Italian operatic version with Andrea Bocelli coming out…,” Sheeran told the Today show. “It’s just kind of like a little present for Christmas, it’s a really beautiful video.”

No word when it’s coming out, but expect to see it this week.

Why is this happening? No joke, Ed says he’s keen on having a No. 1 Christmas song. The BBC Radio 1’s Chart Show asked him if he wanted that kind of notoriety. “I’d be lying if I said no. I do have one more trick up my sleeve. It’s not like a Beyonce trick, but it’s quite a cool trick.”

King of tricks to get a No. 1.

I think three versions of a song is a bit excessive, but I’m also here for Ed’s chart thirst. I say he goes for a fourth and fifth version of “Perfect” before the year is up. There must be some kind of No. 1 for remixing your song a bunch of times, right?

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