Ed takes the jungle-infused “Shape of You” in a different direction.

Ed Sheeran has dropped a visual for the second of his two current singles.

No stranger to a bizarre music video, Ed Sheeran has lived up to his reputation with a boxing/sumo-wrestling themed video for smash hit “Shape of You”. The video follows Ed and his co-star through the rigmarole of professional boxing, until his love interest decides that the only way for Ed to prove his love for her is in an underground sumo-wrestling match. I mean, we’ve all been there, right?

The video features plenty of gratuitous shots of Ed shirtless, if that’s something that interests you. (No judgement.)

As entertaining as the video undoubtedly is, it doesn’t appear to have a huge amount to do with the song or its obvious themes, except perhaps if Sheeran was admiring the voluptuous shape of his sumo opponent. All things considered, the jungle/R&B influenced effort may have set better across something a little more summery and a little less… well, England. Nonetheless, the profoundly bizarre video is unlikely to dampen enthusiasm for the track itself, which has hit number 1 in a staggering 24 countries and counting.

With just over a month until his third studio album and an arena tour on the horizon, 2017 is still looking good for Ed. Undoubtedly part of the benefit of being such a unique act is that it doesn’t feel like Sheeran is facing much mainstream competition from his contemporaries at the moment, principally because he doesn’t really have any.

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