Plus see the performance that got everyone talking at Forest Hills Stadium last night.ed-sheeran-gma-summer-concert-BreatheHeavy

Ed’s had a busy 24 hours.

Ed Sheeran dropped by GMA yesterday morning to continue his rapid campaign for global **********, performing three tracks from his multi-platinum sophomore record ‘x’. Naturally, he gave a rendition of current single “Photograph” as well as Hot 100 smash “Thinking Out Loud” and album-highlight “Don’t”.

Sheeran rarely disappoints in a live setting and yesterday’s GMA performance was no exception – check the receipts:

Ed’s carved out a unique and successful live style for himself with a fondness for a loop pedal and an acoustic guitar but it would be interesting to see him backed with a band from time to time, especially since he utilises multiple instrumentations in the studio.

Speaking of Sheeran’s live shows, he debuted the theoretically shocking new track, rumored to be titled “Sweet Mary Jane”, at a performance in Forest Hills last night.

The chilled acoustic mid-tempo sounds like an enjoyable enough song but of course it’s Ed’s allusion to marijuana that’s getting tongues wagging. Having said that, the whole thing feels a little like a non-controversy; realistically is it even shocking when stars admit to smoking weed anymore? Between Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus it’s probably an easier task to count the number of pop artists who aren’t banging on about pot.

The song itself is absolutely fine, but by no means one of Sheeran’s stronger efforts. Hopefully it won’t end up hogging the spotlight just because of its ‘risky’ subject matter.

What do you think of Ed’s latest live ventures?