Who knew Ed was a Little Mix stan?

Who knew Ed was a Little Mix stan?

Sheeran is on top of the world right now, and it’s all so effortless. Ed’s lead single “Shape Of You” off his forthcoming album Divide sits atop the Billboard Hot 100 and the U.K. Songs Chart, and it could be eclipsed by his one-off release “How Would You Feel (Paean)” without any real promotion (wedding anthem in 3…2…) It won’t surprise me if he gives Little Mix a much-needed boost in the states, too.

The hit-maker dropped by BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge today (Feb. 21) to perform “Shape Of You.” He also brought back an oldie but goodie with a performance of x cut “Bloodstream” and a gratuitous cover of the girl group’s recent Glory Days release, “Touch.”

“Can I say that the one concert I went to last year [was Little Mix]. I didn’t go to any gigs and I was in Milan and I’m a Little Mix fan girl,” Sheeran said. “Who isn’t [a secret Little Mix fan]? I rarely meet boys now who don’t like Little Mix, they just have hit upon hit, there’s not a song that comes out that I’m not like, ‘Oh, that’s gonna be in my head for a month now.’ They’re always on point.”

Watch below:

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