Ed Sheeran’s ‘Reputation’ is coming.


Ed Sheeran’s Reputation is coming.


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The singer revealed plans to create an “experimental” sounding album a la 2011’s No. 5 Collaborations Project EP.

“I would love to do something like that again”, Ed told BBC, describing that record as “the most interesting project I think I’ve ever made.”

He’s hoping to drop something similar – “a project next year that isn’t an album…something that isn’t pushed on radio. Something that’s not what I usually do,” he said.


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Here’s where things get a tad more interesting. In a separate interview, Ed revealed he spent time in the studio with Max Martin and Shellback, arguably the most successful song-makers of our generation.

Sure, Max and Shellback *can* create a song that sounds experimental, but they have so many gargantuan hits under their belt that their work inherently mainstream.

Ed says he wants to release music that isn’t pushed on the radio, then works with two of the most influential producers ever. The irony…


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