Ed Sheeran Doesn’t Mind If He Doesn’t Win A Grammy, Honest

February 5, 2015 By Aaron

eddie s

And in self-deprecating pop star news, Ed Sheeran thinks he ‘probably won’t’ win a Grammy.

It’s a time honored strategy, pretending you don’t expect to succeed at something so no one will think any less of you if you fail. It’s also a concept Ed Sheeran has wised up on, judging by his conversation with Capital FM this morning.

Check it out below:

Speaking to Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon of Capital’s breakfast show, Ed had this to say about his chances of walking away with any trophies this weekend:

Just being nominated for a Grammy – all the artists say this I know – but honestly I’m not too fussed about winning, just because I probably won’t! I never win anything.

And went on to put all his past award show successes down to chance:

I won the year of the Brits because I was a male and not Adele – she won everything else! And I got the VMA because Pharrell didn’t turn up and I did. They said, ‘He’s not here, do you want it?’

Side note, amazing behaviour from the VMAs. Can’t.

It’s actually quite refreshing that there seems to be a new tide of humility in the industry as Ed’s comments follow Sam Smith’s speculation that BeyoncĂ© deserves to win Album of the Year over him, but there is a danger of both stars being too modest. The issue here is that if you repeatedly tell people that you’re actually not all that good, they might start to believe you – of course, equally, going around talking about how amazing you are (*cough* Lady Gaga *cough*) isn’t the wisest move either, but there’s a balance to be struck here. A balance which Ed is probably failing to strike.

He also went on to mention fellow Brit, Sam Smith, offering this revolutionary and controversial opinion:

I think Sam will win a large amount of them. I don’t think he’s gonna walk away with nothing

You don’t say.

Ed might not think he’s in with a shot, but he’s nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album, Album of the Year and Best Song Written For Visual Media, so he’s certainly in with a fighting chance of taking home at least one award. Truth be told, he’s hardly the front-runner for any category, but the Grammys do have a reputation for making unusual (read: batshit crazy) decisions, so Ed shouldn’t count himself out too soon.

The only way to find out is by tuning in this Sunday evening and seeing all the mayhem go down.

What do you think? Is Ed in with a fighting chance? Is it the winning or the taking part that counts?