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If you listen very carefully you can hear Taylor Swift throwing a crystal vase against a wall.

Sorry Kelly, sorry Gwyneth, sorry Kim (who was she kidding?) Beyoncé has a new best friend. Following their performance at CBS’s Stevie Wonder tribute last night, it would seem Ed and Bey have formed quite the connection and were spotted at dinner together (with Jay Z, such a third wheel) later that evening.

Naturally they’re now presumed to be best friends, Taylor has been replaced and Blue calls Sheeran ‘Uncle Ed’ (unconfirmed.)

Find out all the details about the performance and their bond below:

The two superstars performed together at the Grammys’ (yes, it’s still going on) ‘All-Star Salute’ to Stevie Wonder last night, taking to the stage with a medley of some of Wonder’s biggest hits, reportedly including “Master Blaster.” It would appear (from some shaky Instagram footage) that the pair had a blast and sounded on point, check it out:

Beyonce and Ed Sheeran! #steviewondertribute #GrammyWeek #songsinthekeyoflife

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The tribute concert will air on CBS next Monday and includes performances from Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, so you check out the onstage chemistry between the ‘Thinking Out Loud’ hitmaker and ‘Single Ladies’ star then. Clearly something went right because paps spotted the pair stepping out together, Jay Z in tow, later that evening. Naturally, we are now faced with a solid six months of rumors that a Beyoncé/Sheeran collaboration is in the works, which will be fun, won’t it?

I’m personally not here for more Edoncé – they’re both superb artists separately but it’s hard to imagine how well their styles would merge. Throw in the fact that Beyoncé and Jay Z are almost certainly working on a joint record and the idea becomes even stranger – as little as a duet between Bey and Ed would work, the idea of Jay on the track too makes even less sense.

Hopefully it was just an innocent dinner (is there any such thing?) and they’re not in their very own ‘a lot of lunches’ phase.

Would you be down with the rise of Edoncé?