Ed and Beyonce really want a No. 1 hit, and they might have it with their elegant  remix of “Perfect.”

Ed Sheeran and Beyonce team up together for a remix of Divide cut, “Perfect.”

It makes sense why Ed Sheeran teased his “Perfect” remix was a “f—ing big deal.” It features Beyonce.

The Internet pokes fun at Ed and Beyonce’s thirst for a No. 1 on the Hot 100, so it’s kind of perfect the two teamed up on a duet together.

The Grammy Award winning singers’ voices melt gently together as they croon over an acoustic guitar.

“I found a man stronger than anyone I know,” Bey sings. “He shares my dreams, I hope that someday we’ll share our home. I found love to carry more than just my secrets, to carry love, to carry children of our own.” 

It’s understated and elegant, and you know what? Has a really great shot at snatching that coveted top position.

Some times, remixes are awful and unnecessary. That’s not the case here, so well done.

Listen below:

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