EBay Trouble For Spears?

October 5, 2005 By Jordan Miller

One of the many items Britney Spears was offering in a charity auction on eBay was her jewel-encrusted bra from the “Toxic” video. Then, that listing disappeared.According to eBay spokesman Hani Durzy, it fell into a forbidden category. He says one of eBay’s policies is that it does not list used undergarments. That’s mainly to ward off fetishists.Durzy says a customer support staffer caught the listing and pulled it.However, he admits that it was probably a judgement call in a gray area. He says the item probably should not have been listed in the bra category, but as an entertainment collectible.He says eBay has contacted the seller and will relist the bra under a new category if the seller desires.That means bidding would start over. The bidding for the bra in the original listing had topped 30-thousand dollars.

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