Dyson’s New Song “Up All Night” Is A Pure Pop Dance Party

May 20, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Dyson enlisted the “Work *****” producer for a dope new pop jam that’ll kick off your weekend in the best way possible.


The weekend is here, so let England’s latest breaking mega-talented pop artist known as Dyson help officiate it.

Dyson has written songs for major international artists, including “Paper Thin” for Astrid S and “Save me” for Sweden sensation Wiktoria, but now has her sights set on blasting to super-stardom with solo material she co-wrote, enlisting producer and Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins protégé Andre Lindal and Anthony Preston (Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Will.I.Am, David Guetta, Gwen Stefani). Her first release is an up-tempo radio banger titled “Up All Night,” which sees release on iTunes, Spotify and Tidal today (May 20).

One of Dyson’s main objectives is to see notoriety from her music versus driving sales thanks to massive followings on social media A.K.A. Meghan Trainor and Thank You (my words).

“Back in the day, you didn’t even know [what] an artist looked like until they came to town,” Preston tells BreatheHeavy.com. “In the info-age, the ‘info’ started to trump the music. And we challenge that.”

He adds, “I wanna go back to where talent and vocals matter,” crediting Ariana Grande and Tori Kelly for “bringing that back.”

“Commercialism really took us off course. Talent became a side dish instead of the main course. It became about Twitter followers and who can make the best dance.”

Dyson tells BreatheHeavy.com the process of making “Up All Night” was “super fun” because she was “able to really focus on telling a story that almost every person has been through. That feeling of lust and love that takes over when you meet someone.”

She adds, “I want people listening to the song to walk away happy and reminded of how they felt when it happened to them.”

Listen here:

Keep an eye out for the remix by Laidback Luke slated for next month.

“I think it’s the best song I’ve ever done,” Preston said.

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