Britney made it with two records in the Dutch yearlist of 2004.In the Mega top 50 (only based on record sales) Britney holds the following positions:Toxic at #36 (peak #6, 13 weeks in charts), and Everytime at #45 (peak #4, 16 weeks in charts)

In the Top 40 (based on record sales and airplay) Britney’s in it with:Everytime at #63 (peak #3, 11 weeks in charts), and Toxic at #51 (peak #4, 11 weeks in charts).

In the Dutch album yearlist of 2004 Britney’s also in it with her (last) 2 records. Britney conquered the following positions:The Greatest hits: My prerogative is at #91 (peak #7, 6 weeks in charts) and In The Zone is at #84 (peak #9, 33 weeks in charts). thanks

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