I know I am way late in posting this, but it’s because I planned on not mentioning it at all. But since, the band has made a few statements about it, so here it is. I am not a fan of other artists / celebrities using Britney to promote themselves. Duran Duran made a music video for a song called “Falling Down,” written and co-produced by (you guessed it) Justin Timberlake. The video is basically about Britney entering rehab. Here’s what Duran Duran had to say about the video to People.com:

“I suppose it’s loosely based on her, but not [only] on one celebrity – just celebrity culture in general. A lot of [young celebrities] seem to disappear into rehab. … So it’s kind of like, what could be happening in your wildest dream in that rehab center?”

And about the controversial ending: “I didn’t like that at all,” admitted bassist John Taylor. “I wanted it to be a little more ambiguous at the end, because I’m a believer in recovery. I just wish she could accept help. It seems that all the people who care about her, she’s pushing away.”

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