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dumblonde premiere "dreamsicle" music video

dumblonde put forth a wildly imaginative visual for “dreamsicle” off their self-titled album.

While we impatiently wait until September for dumblonde’s entire record to drop, the girl duo, made up of Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex, shared five songs upon pre-ordering that include “white lightning,” “eyes on horizon,” “tender green life,” “remember me” and “dreamsicle” – the latter of which sees a creative and mind-bending clip thanks to director Alfredo Flores via Billboard. The girls don Beyonce-esque black leotards affront a white backdrop for part of the clip, other times standing motionless as a projector casts a series of flashing displays over them.

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O’Day explains of the song written by her, Bex, Aubrey’s ex-boyfriend Travis Garland and dumblonde co-wrote the song with O’Day’s ex-boyfriend Travis Garland and songwriter Hailey Steele:

“We started out this project knowing that visually we wanted to create a different story behind each song,” says O’Day. “Each video is in a different stylistic format that, when combined, create the full picture of the many facets that create ‘dumblonde’.”

The girls told BreatheHeavy earlier this month they had the final say over every element along the way. “We’ve had all the creative control,” Aubrey said. “We actually did this entire project on our own… Shannon and I from day one have put together all the visuals for this project, we’ve produced all the creative of the visuals, we were able to make all of our visual aesthetics come to life… all of the storyboards, shots, creative, writing, producing, every single element of this project Shannon and I have been involved in.”

Watch “dreamsicle” here: