Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex went live with fans via UStream.

Dumblonde Have Some News To Share With You

Wait for it.

Heads up, Blonde Mafia. Dumblonde have some updates they’d like to share with you. On Tuesday night (April 28), the Danity Kane sisters took a breather from whipping those weaves in the dance studio to update fans on all things happening in Blonde-landia.

Let’s start with the obvious. Despite telling folks that their visual EP would drop sometime in April, it’s been delayed just a bit. I know. I know. But wait for the silver lining. As per O’Day, the reason that the project isn’t dropping in the next day and a half is because their manager Johnny Wright has found them placement in “a bigger situation” instead of pursuing their independent plans.

“We do want you guys to know that we have secured a bigger deal and we are going to be releasing this project in a big way…We’re going to give it to you with major backing and major support in a bigger way, which takes a little bit more time.”

Before y’all decide to login to your Twitter accounts and go bitching at the duo for not keeping their word, just remember that they’ve been working on this for the last five months. What’s another few weeks? If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right. In the meantime, they’re prepping a tour with Lady Gaga artistic director Richy Jackson and plan on releasing every track on the EP with an accompanying video, which the girls described as a continuous film.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to continue to listen to that snippet they uploaded over the weekend using that hilariously amusing-turned-tremendously annoying MyIdol app. I swear I have never heard Leona Lewis more times in my life than I have in the last week.


Watch Dumblonde’s Ustream below.

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