dumblonde get spooky in their “carry on” music video: watch

October 1, 2015 By Jordan Miller

The girl duo share a creepily beautiful visual for their latest release.

dumblonde get spooky in their "carry on" music video: watch

dumblonde kick off October in haunting fashion.

One half of dumblonde goes brunette in their latest release titled “Carry On” from their recently released record. Following the videos for “Tender Green Life,” “Dreamsicle” and “White Lightning” is another stylized and independent venture for Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex.

The girls charge through another video they helped co-create, debuting a clip that’s set in an eerie menacing forest with a focus on ominous glamor. The video lacks a narrative, relying heavily on speedy cuts and head-tilting cinematography, and we prefer it that way. Their videos thus far rely on this method, giving a sense of cohesiveness between jams.

Bex tells Perez Hilton American Horror Story as the video’s inspiration.

dumblonde told BreatheHeavy earlier this year the inspiration behind filming seven videos for this record: “We just never got to dream big in our previous situation. We always were so limited by the emotion, or ego, or pride, or jealousy, by all the emotions, and we never got to create the art that we had inside of us. The first initial response for both of us was… we want to make visuals. We want to make video after video. We wanted to say all the things that we didn’t get to say. We want to show all the depths of our artistry and creativity. Literally every single thing, shot by shot, that was Shannon and I… all of it is stored information that we’ve gathered for 10 years of ways that we wanted to create art and never had the ability to do.”

Watch it below:

Only three videos left.