Dumblonde Debut Snippet of New Song on Instagram

April 26, 2015 By Aaron

The wait for new music from DK 4.0 is almost over.


Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex have given us a first taste of their new music as Dumblonde.

Pop music fans across the globe rejoiced earlier this year as Danity Kane alums Aubrey and Shannon revealed that they were set to work on new material together under the label Dumblonde but there was no indication as to how long we’d have to wait for another killer track or two from the fearsome duo.

Well, that wait, it seems, may be nearly over. Taking to her Instagram yesterday, O’Day uploaded a snippet of what Dumblonde are working on, using the virally popular (and endlessly irritating) My Idol app.

. @dumblondeofficial @r8dio @candicepillay

A video posted by Aubrey O'Day (@aubreyoday) on

The video contains a short excerpt from an as-of-yet untitled track but it’s a clear indication of the direction the girls are heading in. Sounding like a throwback to early ’00s euro-dance with some electronic elements thrown it, all signs indicate a strong release from Dumblonde. I’m always loathe to judge a song based on such a short snippet and it’s not a good idea to get our hopes up too soon, but this sounds like it could be a home run for Aubrey and Shannon.

With their EP set to drop this year and their debut album to follow in 2016, the time of Dumblonde is fast approaching. Prepare yourself accordingly.

What do you think of the snippet?