Her best pop cut to date.

Dua Lipa has another hit on her hands with “Lost In Your Light” featuring Miguel.

The track is the latest release off her forthcoming self-titled album (out June 2). On it, the 21-year-old sings about the ecstasy of falling in love.

“Over and over / Waves of running feelings / Floating weightless, I’m willing,” Lipa sings over fluttery ’80’s-tinged production. “My will keeps bending and breaking.” For Miguel’s part, the Grammy Award winning singer sounds effortless on his solo joints. “Now everything’s vivid, vivid / Touch attempted with pleasure / Reckless, tangled, suspended / You want it all, nothing’s wasted.” His vocals eventually melt together with Dua’s.

This might be her pop cut to date.

“Thinking ‘Bout You,” “Genesis,” “Be The One,” “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” and “Hotter Than Hell.” She also recently appeared on Martin Garrix’s new tune “Scared To Be Lonely.” All of those minus the latter appear on her forthcoming LP. In addition to “Light,” the singer shared her forthcoming album track list. See what’s good below.

“Lost In Your Light”:

Album track list:

Dua will also perform the new tunes on tour.

Revisit some past DL singles:

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