Dua Lipa felt the wrath of the Swifties.

Dua Lipa felt the wrath of the Swifties.

It’s safe to say Taylor Swift is the President of the most enthusiastic fanbase on the Internet (BTS I see you though). They are the actual definition of ride or die, and Dua Lipa can attest to this.

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Let me explain. Last October, Dua rocked a Speak Now T-shirt at a meet & greet in Germany. The photos made the rounds on the Internet to the delight of Swifties. The pop star herself caught wind of it as well. “I AM SCREECHING WITH JOY,” she said.

Then, things took a turn.

Swifties discovered a video of Dua playing a this or that style game in 2016. One of the questions asked her to pick Kanye or Taylor, and without hesitation… Dua said Kanye. Taylor’s fans became enraged.

“I wasn’t thinking about their beef,” she tells Rolling Stone┬áin a new interview. “I was thinking about their music, and Taylor is amazing, but I’m such a hip-hop fan that I would probably choose Kanye over anyone.”

It gets better.

“They were sending me snake emojis for, like, three days straight. They’re like, ‘I hope you die.’ I’m like, ‘Yo! I literally didn’t say anything.'”

God bless the Internet.

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