Another smash? Yes, Dua!

This is one for your summer playlist.

You know that meme that goes “The devil might be working but Kris Jenner is working harder”? Well, Dua Lipa is giving Kris Jenner a run for her money.

Our favourite British pop star just released her new single “Lost In Your Love” (featuring Miguel (!!)) last week and her Martin Garrix collab is still riding high, and now she’s appeared on her biggest collaboration yet.

Wale released his fifth album “Shine” today – which is brilliant, by the way (and on his YouTube) – and it features a killer summertime bop featuring none other than Miss Lipa, Major Lazer and Wizkid.

That’s right! She’s playing with the big boys, flexing her soulful chops all throughout over the bouncy tropical production, and giving us gorgeous harmonies with WizKid on the chorus.

Give it a listen below.

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