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I open the window to clear out my mind, but it’s difficult. So difficult.

Britney has no plans to release any more singles off Glory, which is a real shame. It almost feels illegal. Fortunately, the princess of pop has some seriously creative fans. Remix artist Nick* took the liberty to transform the Jason Evigan-produced “Man On The Moon” into something dreamy & ’80s-inspired.

“I worked on it slowly to see where it would go,” he tells of the creation process. “The original has its own magic that’s kind of hard to place, but it fits the song well. I thought making it more of a ballad would compliment that original vibe.”

“Man On The Moon” is one of the album highlights and could have performed very well with a proper cinematic visual. Ahh, there goes my imagination wandering off into outer space.

Give the remix a listen below:

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