‘Dream Within A Dream’ Britney Dancing To ‘Glory’ and ‘Blackout’ Songs Is Everything: Must Watch

January 15, 2018 By Jordan Miller

It’s actually a really perplexing experience to watch this.

Time travel speed!

Godney has abilities that basic peasants like you and I could only dream of possessing. Take for instance this newly-created clip of 2002 Britney performing choreography from her iconic Dream Within A Dream tour soundtracked to songs off Glory and Blackout (plus “Kill The Lights”). Only a legend can mash their past with their present.

Here’s the list of songs you can expect to see:

“Piece Of Me” – “Overprotected” choreography
“Make Me” – “Overprotected” choreography
Change Your Mind – “Oops,” “Crazy” choreography
“If I’m Dancing” – “Oops” choreography
“Freakshow” – “Boys” choreography
“Clumsy” – “Boys” choreography
“Slumber Party” – Boys choreography
“Radar” – “Overprotected” choreography
“Ooh Ooh Baby” – “Boys” choreography
“Do You Wanna Come Over?” – “Stronger” choreography
“Get Naked” – “Slave” choreography
“Kill The Lights” – Boys choreography
“Liar” – “What It’s Like To Be Me” choreography

It’s actually a really perplexing experience to watch this, but I couldn’t take my eyes off it. My favorites were “Change Your Mind” and “Ooh Ooh Baby.” So lit.

Watch below:

Props to Exhale member The Greatest Show for sharing.

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