Dream Team! Zayn And Timbaland Drop New Song “Too Much”: Listen

August 2, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Zayn and Timbaland team up on new song, “Too Much.”

Zayn and Timbaland team up on new song, “Too Much.”



Sups impressed with Zayn right now. He’s released a string of seriously great pop songs this summer, and did so again with his Timbaland-assisted tune, “Too Much.” (sidetone: I loooove me some Timbaland)

On it, the singer shows off his sensitive falsetto over Tim’s signature style beats and warbly production gymnastics.



“Looking right and the time flied / I took a day just a while back,” Zayn croons. “Think we f–ked in the flashback / Only my mind kinda sidetracked / Found good, but now I feel bad / Like I know I can’t take it back / No, there’s nothin’ I can say.”

Timbaland also contributes in the pre-chorus. “Must be an addiction / I wanted it all, didn’t expect it to fall,” he sings. “Must be an affliction / I wanted to call, but I didn’t call.”




If you’re in a mood, re-listen to “Let Me,” and “Entertainer,” “Sour Diesel” and his cover of Beyonce’s “Me Myself and I.”



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